Your Healing Place

Welcome, I am grateful you are here! My intention for each Reiki session, Reiki class, and every supportive healing item that finds a new home with you is to remind you of, and reintroduce you to, the wise being within your Higher Self. Our Higher Self is the part of us that continually lives in higher consciousness. It knows why we are here, what our learning lessons are, and how to move through them. Through the grace of Reiki we can connect more deeply with our Higher Self to help release our fear. Other ways we can connect to our Higher Self are meditation, journaling, being in nature, connecting with animals, and seeing beauty in everything (flowers, trees, sunset, animals, your own, and others beauty). When we see inner beauty, this energy comes back to us. The light within me sees the light within you. Thank you for shining your light!


Reiki gently brings our subconscious, conscious. Which allows us to heal the old patterns, fears, beliefs, etc. that we carry and helps us to release old pain, grief, and even feeling stuck or unsure. Reiki gently supports and enhances this process! As we heal, we are feeling our soul connection to move on our path and purpose. In healing these aspects of ourselves, we are consciously choosing to connect with our Higher Self more and more in our daily life. Allowing us to move through life with more fluidity and grace.

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