Reconnecting with Your Higher Self:

A Healing Membership for Transformation

Monthly – $11 | 6 Months – $55 | 1 Year $110
This transformative Reconnecting to your Higher Self Membership is an enlightening journey designed to guide you back to the core of your being. Your higher self is the purest, most authentic version of you—an infinite wellspring of wisdom, purpose, and potential. Imagine embarking on a quest of self-discovery, abundant with engaging activities, immersive exercises, and profound practices carefully curated to awaken your connection to this radiant source within.

Why seek to reconnect with your higher self, you might ask? The answer is simple yet profound: to live a life in alignment with your true essence. As you tune into your higher self, you unlock the power to tap into your intuition, navigate challenges with clarity, and make decisions that resonate deeply. Your higher self holds the keys to boundless self-love, unwavering confidence, and a purpose-driven existence. It’s an opportunity to step into your highest potential and radiate your unique brilliance.

Tap into an infinite wellspring of wisdom, purpose, and potential .

What to expect:  The 11th of each month, you will receive an email with some exercises and practices to explore during the month. The intention is to approach these activities with a open and curious mindset, giving yourself permission to let go of self-consciousness, while embracing and connecting with your higher self. All this for just $11.00/ month!

These exercises and practices are an enlightening journey designed to guide you back to the core of your being.

Join us in this extraordinary monthly membership where each healing practice is a step toward self-mastery. Let’s embark together on a path of self-discovery that’s expansive, exciting, and filled with moments of profound insight and joy. Unleash your higher self and witness the magic that unfolds in every facet of your existence. Are you ready to embrace the brilliance of your true nature? The journey awaits!