Reconnecting with Your Inner Child:

A Healing Membership for Joyful Transformation

Monthly – $11 | 6 Months – $55 | 1 Year $110

The “Reconnecting with Your Inner Child” membership, is designed to help you cultivate joy and healing through a combination of exercises, practices, affirmations, crafts/art, play, and songs. This program aims to tap into the wisdom and innocence of your inner child, allowing you to experience a profound sense of joy and transformation in your life. Remember, the inner child represents our authentic self, untouched by societal expectations or limiting beliefs. Let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery and joy together!

Tap into your inner child, and experience a profound joy and transformation.

What to expect:  The 21st of each month, you will receive an email with some exercises and practices to explore during the month. The intention is to approach these activities with a light-hearted and playful mindset, giving yourself permission to let go of self-consciousness, while practicing embracing the pure joy of connecting with your inner child. Playfulness and imagination are powerful tools for healing and cultivating joy in your life. All this for just $11.00/ month!

These exercises and practices are wonderful ways to connect with your children too! You can use them to support you in allowing your inner child to play with your child, creating a beautiful sacred experience for all.