Ultimate Moon Ritual Kit:

Harness the magic of the moon
to transform your life!


Embrace the Power of the Moon! Whether you’re looking to set powerful intentions under the new moon or release what no longer serves you with the full moon, this Moon Ritual Kit is your new monthly must-have.

Get ready to uncover deep insights and catapult your growth with an empowering healing practice that aligns with the lunar cycle.

What’s Inside?

💫 Lunar Reflection Journaling: Packed with thought-provoking questions that will guide you to set meaningful intentions and reflect on your personal journey. No more guessing what the stars have in store for you!

💫 Magical Moon Playlist: Start with soul-soothing tunes to stir your deepest thoughts while you journal, then switch gears with an upbeat flow that will have you dancing out old energies and singing in the new—you might just find yourself moonwalking!

💫 Did you know? Each phase of the moon holds unique energies, and I’ve deciphered them for you in this easy-to-follow guide. Perfect for both moon novices and astrology aficionados!

Why You’ll Love It:

💫 It’s Uplifting and Expansive: Feel your spirits lift and your horizons expand as you connect with the cosmic energies.

💫 It’s a Little Mysterious, A Lot Empowering: Discover the secrets the moon has been keeping from you (spoiler alert: it’s been holding onto some of your best qualities). Get ready to let go of the old and shimmy into the new.

Embrace the lunar magic every month with this Moon Ritual Kit.

It’s not just a practice—it’s a lifestyle. Tap into the ancient wisdom of the moon, your Higher Self, and have fun doing it. Light up your inner universe, one moon phase at a time!