Navigate Life’s Bumps with a Smile

In-the-Moment VOXER Coaching… Just a Tap Away!

When life decides to throw a curveball (because life loves being dramatic), imagine having a superhero support system right in your pocket!

Unravel your thoughts, discover new insights, and boost your wellbeing with real-time coaching. Because sometimes, you need a little nudge to turn “What the heck?” into “Heck yeah!

The Heart Collective Distance Group Reiki Membership

Imagine having the support you need when:

Hit a Mental Traffic Jam: Feel stuck or overwhelmed by the day-to-day? We’ll find your exit ramp.

Stand at a Crossroads: Unsure of your next step? We’ll draw you a map.

Run in Circles: Ready to break a recurring pattern? We’ll help you cut a new path.

Ride an Emotional Rollercoaster: Need to process those ups and downs? We’ll be your seatbelt.

Face Off in the Conflict Arena: Trying to dodge or navigate conflicts? We’ll coach you through to a truce.

Get Spiritually Seasick: Feeling off-kilter and need rebalancing? Consider us your spiritual Dramamine.

How Can In The Moment Voxer Coaching Help You?


Resolve and reassurance at your fingertips: If you’re grappling with a tough choice or mixed emotions, help is just a message away.

Contact me via Voxer for a wisdom card reading that brings clarity and comfort.


Had a strange dream and need insight?

Send a Voxer message with your top symbols/feelings and let’s decode the messages your subconscious is sending.

Stuck on how to create something within your healing/spiritual business?

Voxer me your thoughts, feelings and what your iintentions are and get creative, strategic input that aligns with your inquiry.


Doing some inner shifting and strong emotions have arisen that you're unsure how to process or integrate?

Reach out via Voxer for techniques and support tailored to your current state. such as journal prompts, breathing techniques, etc.

Need a new healing/self-help book to read?

Ask for recommendations that resonate with your current journey and challenges.

Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list and need to prioritize your tasks without losing your inner peace?

Voxer me for mindfulness-based productivity tips that keep your spiritual goals in focus.

Looking for ways to deepen your meditation or spiritual practice but don’t know where to start?

Share your current practices over Voxer and receive personalized advice to enhance your spiritual regimen.

Conflicted feelings and looking for clear answers: When inner turmoil clouds your judgement, a little divine guidance can illuminate your path.

Voxer me anytime you’re in a bind to receive a wisdom card and message.

Danielle is a skilled intuitive healer and is amazing at helping facilitate dialogue between my mind and body! Every time I have a session, I feel the release of my conditioning/limiting beliefs, experience energetic cleansing, and gain so much insight on my intentions. Danielle is also an incredible teacher who shows so much respect for reiki as practice. Highly recommend!


I have learned many useful tools to not only manage my stress but to thrive regardless of unpleasant situations. With her compassionate help, I’ve been slowly resolving all my old wounds. I feel relieved and ready to tackle life challenges with a lighter heart and a clear head. I feel more comfortable in my own skin since coming to her which is why I recommend anyone who feels lost or needs help to give her a try.


In The Moment Voxer Coaching | $275/m

It’s like having a Compass and Reliable Guidance through Life’s Journeys for only $68.75 per week!

In The Moment Personal Coaching is your steadfast support system, designed to help you navigate life’s ebbs and flows. Whether you’re grappling with uncertainty, embarking on a journey of self-healing, seeking deeper self-discovery, nurturing self-love, igniting creative fires, searching for inspiration, or simply needing a sympathetic ear—I am here for you. Consider me your virtual cheerleader, confidant, mentor, and sidekick, all rolled into one. Together, we’ll tackle whatever life throws your way, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and joy.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Unlimited Voxer Access All Month Long
  • Responses will be sent within 72 hours typically (Tue/Thu/Sun) between 8am-8pm PT

  • Receive resources and support for grounding and forward movement.
  • Cancel anytime

Ready to enhance your spiritual journey with a personal touch and get the support you need?

I was feeling conflicted about something I found at work today, so I voxer’d Danielle and asked for her to pull a widsom card. I received the perfect message! I had a meeting with my boss shortly after and it went amazingly well due to the message I received. I am so grateful for Danielle’s wisdom and guidance.