Reiki Energy

Re-Balancing and Clarity Session

Offered In-person or via Phone Call
In Person: 60 Minutes $89 | 90 Minutes $119


Phone Call: 60 Minutes $59 | 90 Minutes $89

The experience is harmony in the whole body, a deep state of meditation and relaxation. Sessions encourage one to let go of all tension, anxiety, fear, outdated beliefs/ patterns, or other stagnant feelings. After the session; feeling refreshed with a more positive and balanced outlook.

What to expect in person: I will meet you and guide you through your session. Please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure your session starts on time.

What to expect during phone call sessions: I will call you at the appointment time. To be ready, you will want to have in-earbuds to be hands-free. You will lay down on a surface with an eye mask or pillow – this supports getting you into a somatic experience as I channel and send Reiki to you from a distance.

We begin with your intention for the session (what has been weighing heavy on your heart/where you want the healing energy to go). I will check and share with you what the energy points (Chakras) of your body are based on what your intention is communicating. Then we begin reiki. I may be guided to lead you in a guided imagery/meditation or ask questions to support a deeper understanding or a new perspective of the present intention.