VIP 1:1 Coaching program

From Stuck to Self-Love:
A Path to Empowered Self-Compassion

Are you feeling stuck or weighed down by emotions, habits, or beliefs that no longer serve your highest good?

If you’re feeling trapped by old emotions, habits, or beliefs that dim your light, I warmly invite you to an immersive 3-hour private session tailored uniquely to you, designed to chart the course from where you are to where you dream to be.

This intimate, one-on-one deep dive is your gateway to self-discovery and empowerment and marks a courageous leap toward in a new direction towards your fullest potential.

The Heart Collective Distance Group Reiki Membership

Together, we’ll view your life from a new perspective, uncovering insights and actionable strategies that pave the way for genuine transformation. Our focus will be on nurturing self-love and compassion, arming you with the knowledge and practices essential for your emotional and personal development.

Enhancing this journey, you’ll receive 30 days of ongoing support through Voxer, providing a lifeline of motivation and advice at your fingertips. This service ensures you’re never alone, offering direct access to encouragement and guidance when you need it most. Picture a steadfast ally, continuously inspiring and navigating with you toward a brighter, more loving future.

This is not merely a session; it’s an investment in your tomorrow. Together, let’s unlock the treasures of self-love, acceptance, and the boundless possibilities within you.

As we embrace 2024, the year of the Wood Dragon, we’re invited into an era of strength and nurturing energy, perfect for planting the seeds of our deepest wishes with intention. The Wood Dragon’s dynamic presence encourages us to lay foundational stones for growth, emphasizing patience, perseverance, and the cultivation of our dreams. This year urges us to take decisive, wise steps, empowering us with the Dragon’s vigor to bring our visions to life. Engaging with this transformative experience now aligns you with these powerful forces, ensuring the intentions set today flourish tomorrow. Let’s seize the Wood Dragon’s spirited energy, sculpting our future with confidence and clarity.

Danielle is a skilled intuitive healer and is amazing at helping facilitate dialogue between my mind and body! Every time I have a session, I feel the release of my conditioning/limiting beliefs, experience energetic cleansing, and gain so much insight on my intentions. Danielle is also an incredible teacher who shows so much respect for reiki as practice. Highly recommend!


I have learned many useful tools to not only manage my stress but to thrive regardless of unpleasant situations. With her compassionate help, I’ve been slowly resolving all my old wounds. I feel relieved and ready to tackle life challenges with a lighter heart and a clear head. I feel more comfortable in my own skin since coming to her which is why I recommend anyone who feels lost or needs help to give her a try.



What’s Included

  • 3 hour VIP 1:1 Deep Dive
  • Reiki will be infused into the session to support access to your unconscious mind and support in rewiring your mindset through the release of old outdated fears, patterns and belief systems.
  • Receive an Animal Guide to support you on your journey.
  • 30 Days post voxer questions – Send questions any day of the week and Danielle will respond on Tues, Fri, Sunday
  • An aligned mantra to anchor your intention and provide guidance moving forward.
  • Resources and tools to use after the session to support grounding and forward movement.