The Art of Sacred Living:

Practices & Tools for Infusing Sacred Energy into your Daily Life

Monthly – $11 | 6 Months – $55 | 1 Year $110
Welcome to the expansive journey of the Art of Sacred Living, a transformative experience designed to infuse your everyday life with profound Sacred Energy.

Do you sometimes sense an absence in your daily routine, a missing piece in the puzzle of life?

The Art of Sacred Living offers the nurturing support you’re seeking.

Our exploration encompasses wisdom from an array of faiths, cultures, traditions, and spiritual guides – including mystics and healers. This journey is about reawakening the connection between your spirit and heart with the sacred essence of life and Mother Earth, incorporating practices that ground, support, and elevate your being.

The Heart Collective Distance Group Reiki Membership
What to expect:  This monthly membership is your gateway to an inspiring collection of three distinct spiritual assignments each month beginning the 28th each month, delivered weekly in a convenient PDF format for you to print and display. These Sacred healing rituals, practices, exercises, and tools are thoughtfully tailored to the season, with a keen focus on addressing collective and global healing needed. You might explore a daily silent prayer, immerse yourself in a meditation practice, find solace in a poem, or chant an empowering invocation. Each element is crafted to ignite your soul and spirit, helping you rediscover the bright light within. As you build your spiritual toolbox, you’ll find myriad ways to nurture and support yourself in all aspects of life. Join in on this uplifting journey and transform the way you experience the sacred in everyday life.