Usui Method Reiki Energy Healing Certification Classes

Offered In-person or Virtually via Zoom
Level 1: Self Healing | $299
Level 2: Distance Healing+Reiki Symbols | $299
Level 3: Master Level+Reiki Symbols | $399
Level 4: Master-Teacher+Reiki Symbols | $399
Review Class: $199

Do you want to feel more empowered in your life? Would you love to learn a highly effective tool to help yourself and those around you? Learn a highly effective self-care tool and natural method of healing through channeling life-force energy. When we allow Reiki to help us surrender/release that which is holding us back from a state of balance; such as fear, stress, anger, worry, etc. we allow ourselves to be restored to a state of balance.

What you will learn:
Level 1: Reiki Level 1 is the perfect place to start your journey towards personal growth, self-care, and empowerment. In this course, you will learn about the fascinating history of Reiki, as well as how to understand and connect with the universal life force energy that flows through us all.

You will learn Reiki History, Understand and connect to universal life force energy (Reiki), Reiki daily principles, self-care practices, hand positions, using a pendulum, energy centers of the body, how to facilitate a session, Attunement & much more!

Level 2: Five Reiki Symbols, how to facilitate distance Reiki healing to a person, place, or event, body wisdom, Journaling tips/exercises, learn what is the Inner Child and how it may show up in our life experiences, how to facilitate belief/fear release with Reiki, attunement, and more!

Level 3: Reiki Master Path, connecting with our higher self, unconditionality, two precepts of Reiki, 7 Master Symbols, Attunement, connecting to our higher purpose, and more!

Level 4: Master Teacher, you will learn everything to facilitate Reiki Classes. A Master Healing Symbol Review, Circuit of Qi in the body, Hui Yin exercises, Reiki Breathing, Giving Attunements, General Attunement Schedule, What to include in your trainings, Initiations, Master Water Ceremonies, Anointing, and more.

*Discounted scholarship(s) available for anyone experiencing financial hardship and in need of healing services.

Saturday, June 17th

Usui Reiki Level 2 Certification

What you will learn:

In this transformative class, you’ll delve deeper into the healing energies of Reiki, expanding your knowledge and abilities beyond the foundational Level 1. With Level 2 certification, you’ll unlock new techniques and symbols that enhance the power and scope of your Reiki practice.

Throughout the class, you’ll learn to harness the sacred symbols and their meanings, enabling you to channel Reiki energy for specific purposes such as emotional healing, mental clarity, and distance healing. You’ll explore advanced techniques for amplifying energy flow and facilitating profound healing experiences for yourself and others.

**Class Prerequisites: Reiki Level 1**


10am-7pm | Max 5 per class

MONDAY, July 3rd

Usui Reiki Level 1 Review with Attunement

What you will learn:
When did you take Reiki 1? Are you feeling a bit rusty? Could you use a refresh of some of the information taught in level 1? In this class re-ignite your Reiki understanding, reconnect yourself to the energy centers of the body and strengthen/restart your reiki self healing practice. Open to all Reiki Practitioners from the Usui Lineage.
**Class Prerequisites: Reiki Level 1**


2pm-5pm | Max 5 per class