About Moi

Hi, Welcome! It is no mistake that you have found me and I am so happy you are here!

My name is Danielle, but before I introduce myself further, please take a moment to close your eyes and observe how you feel. Use 1-2 descriptive words/emotions. In this moment, how do you feel in your mind? Your body? Your heart? What did you observe? Fantastic!

Once we take a moment and get silent, still, and present we can then receive the answers to support transformation and positive change.

This is where I may offer support and guidance. Knowing how you feel and where the energy is held in the body may help you get clear on your intention which is the foundation to start the session. I invite you to take a supported and facilitated inner journey where you have the opportunity to see the truth, see what obstacles are in the way, understand what fears are influencing a certain behavior, and/or be aware if there is an outdated pattern or belief system running the show.

As a Wayshower, I am constantly learning and growing. For over a decade I have been committed to my own personal inner journey and healing. I meet regularly for sessions, workshops, and healing events with my Reiki Master Teacher and retreats with her Master Teacher. I come from a lineage of incredible Reiki master teachers/leaders. My training with these women over the past decade has led me to have a grounded, effective, and practical approach to the energy healing sessions I facilitate. My goal is to facilitate and serve with grace, strength and as an energy conduit to support your inner process to understanding clarity and inner peace.