I love the arrival of a new year, and this year is certainly no exception. This year we are welcoming in the year of the water rabbit. Now what exactly does the water rabbit represent for us in the coming months?

Water Rabbit Symbolism

Water represents life, cleansing our emotions (balancing the positive and negative qualities- ie. release our fears), fluidity, moving around obstacles with ease, teaches us about adaptation: water can transform -freeze, flow, dissolve, and evaporate as needed.

Rabbit is yin/feminine, this sacred guide represents fertility, gentleness, new beginnings and Abundance in All forms; prosperity, health, love, creating, etc.

Sacred Letter of Self-Empowerment


Each new year I write a letter to myself that I will place and seal in an envelope and hold somewhere until December 2023, where I will open it and read it and reflect on this year as it comes to a close. This year I will be keeping the symbols of the water and the rabbit in mind as I let the words flow. 2023 offers us a great opportunity to get clear and set intentions of the year ahead. Take a moment now, close your eyes, place your hand on your heart…..How do you see yourself growing this year? In what ways; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically? I encourage you to join me…in writing a freedom letter to yourself…

Dear Me,   Congrats you made it through another year! We have had some up and downs, some tough times balanced out with some miraculous and inspiring uplifting moments too! We can get through anything, we have tons of tools, resources, support, etc. (then include your hopes, desires, intentions, reflective wisdom of this present moment, etc.)

Here’s a personal example of what I am including in my letter to myself:  Last year I continued moving through layers and aspects of the shadow parts of myself…learning to love each and all. It was a tough time for me internally and emotionally, feeling the illusion of alone and separateness…and during this time of deep healing and sitting with and bearing witness to my pain that a dear reiki sister of mine wrote me this in a letter and it has remained on my bathroom mirror ever since, it read; “I love you any way you feel, no matter what you do. I love you any way you are, I love you because you are you. Above all else, I want you to know you are loved and loveable.”

Take an Honest Look Within

Be honest with yourself and ask: what do you want in 2023? (Do you remember the movie, The Notebook? Remember that scene where he’s yelling and repeating “What do YOU want? Not what your mom wants, your friends, your partner….What do YOU want?) same concept here… in 2023 what do you want to see shift/change/adjust? What do you want to create? How do you want to feel? What would you like to see flow into your life? What forms abundance are you calling in? This exercise helps set the foundation of what seeds we want to plant, what to nourish each seed with, how much sunshine, when to prune, weed, etc…so we can bear flowers/fruit throughout the year. It supports us in enjoying each cycle/ season to its fullest.   With Love and Gratitude, Danielle