As we arrive to the halfway point of this month of December, we may find ourselves feeling stressed, overwhelmed, tired, and maybe even cranky. All this is valid. This month can bring up a lot! And you are doing the best you can with the tools and knowledge you have at this given moment in time.


Today, I’d love to share a tool that will be easy to use during these cold winter days. In fact, look around right now…. how many candles do you see? Perhaps you have a fireplace or even a fire pit outside that you enjoy sitting around, all these items can be found in your own home space as well as when out visiting others…which makes this super easy to do on your own or out and about when you need to de-stress.


This relaxing and creative boosting tool is a candle or fire gazing meditation. I have found this extremely supportive over the years and I feel you may too! It is wonderful for anyone who feels like they have a short attention span or who struggles to control their wandering minds. 


The gazing into the hypnotic flames of a fire or candle activates specific areas of our brain and pineal gland, thus helping us to regulate and balance our nervous system, strengthen our intuition, relieving any tension or stress, encourages creative thinking, and as an added bonus has recently been shown to improve cognitive function when done regularly.


How to begin:


·       Settle into a comfortable position,

·       Fix your gaze on the flame of the candle or fire and allow your expression to soften

·       Softly gaze at the flame for 1-3 minutes with limited blinking


With Love and Gratitude,