In November the days turn cold, short, and dark preparing us to go within to create space for the new energy of Spring. You’ll notice the leaves shriveling and will soon fall off trees, and you can view these leaves as each of your worries, concerns, fears, beliefs, patterns, etc.

During this month take a moment to reflect on what leaves don’t serve you anymore? Which ones are disrupting your vitality and balance?

Visualize everything you are ready to release into the Reiki wind….and then watch as the wind gently shakes the leaves, and the leaves separate and blow away into the wind. These leaves will compost and create nourishment and warmth for our ecosystem, they will disintegrate so that new growth can begin.

A few ways we can support ourselves during this necessary and healing time is through Grounding. Grounding and Centering are important this month. Here are some ways to support this process:

§ Eat root vegetables,

§ Take a walk- in nature,

§ listen to birds chirping (create a nature cd/playlist!),

§  My favorite Grounding Essential oils are sandalwood, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Spruce

§  Declare your affirmation: I am ready to Surrender {fear, belief, pattern}

§  3 deep breaths throughout the day with your hand placed over your heart.

§  Create a Grounding Altar- Focusing on feeling Centered and Grounded. Choose photos, crystals, figurines, oracle cards, candles, animals totems, elemental/ nature objects that represent the earth for you, etc. Use your intuition to select the items that feel grounded and meaningful to you. Remember the Altar itself doesn’t hold the power, it is the energy within you as you interact with the altar, i.e. praying/meditating in front of it, sending reiki to it during the day, etc.

§  Stones to wear or place on your Altar, a few of my favorite grounding stones are: Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Obsidian, Hematite, Smokey Quartz

I hope you find these useful and would love to hear what you are ready to release into the Reiki wind this month?