Do you have an ‘I Love Myself, Soul Care’ morning routine?

Today’s Self Love/Soul Care routine, for me, looked like this…


💚I declared 3 “I am” intentions for myself today (example: I am Loveable, I am Brilliant, I am Worthy)

💜I expressed my gratitude for 6 things in my life today

💛I shared 9 things that I love about myself today

❤️I blessed and charged my glass of water with love. here is one way to do this:


1. Hold the cup with both hands and spread your fingers around cup.

2. Look into the water, using it as a mental screen.

3. State your Self Love/Soul Care affirmation (example: I am creating the life I desire) and visualize how you want to feel. In doing this you are using conscious focused thought to communicate the pure intention that you wish the water to carry into your body.

4. Once you have finished, drink the water, say: thank you, thank you, thank you


Want to learn more about the power of water and our spoken words? Start here; findings on water programming were revealed by the very famous Dr Masaru Emoto. He is the author to best selling books “The Hidden Messages in Water” and and “The True Power of Water”.

It would be of great service for us all to connect with the element of water; Our bodies are 55 to 75 percent water. We drink it. We bathe in it. The entire planet’s surface is over 70 percent covered by this essential element. Let us all bless and breathe love into all the water and into ourselves!


💙I took a silent walk in nature and connected with Creator/Source/God

🧡I put on my Good Morning Goddess playlist of motivational music (the first song is, I am Woman by Emmy Meli) while I got dressed and sang LOUD and danced!


 I encourage you to explore and play around with some creative and fun ways to integrate a little soul care and self love into each day this week.