There’s just nothing like a great workout — the chance to get out and get your blood pumping and your muscles moving…what a rush! I love getting my strength and cardio sessions in each week to really feel my best. Challenging myself physically on a regular basis is one of my go-to ways to boost my overall well-being. 

Scheduling in physical fitness has become a regular part of life for many of us. We make time for strengthening and cardio workouts 3-5 days each week, and we see the benefits this provides to our bodies. But — Our physicality is only one part of our whole being. This got me to thinking, how would it feel to schedule in the same amount of time to allow ourselves to Relax & Renew? 

What would a Relax & Renew Workout look like? Well, there are a variety of tools & practices to choose from, such as:



sauna therapy

hot bath

physical affection

time with pets

leisure walking

restorative or yin yoga



tai chi

qi gong

art/painting, crafting

picnic in nature





doing a puzzle

It can be anything that brings about feelings of relaxation and calms the nervous system and rebalance our overall physiology. What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear it!

The Heart Collective, my new Distance Group Reiki Membership, is a great tool to include in your well-being toolkit. On the 1st Sunday of each month at 7 pm PST, I facilitate an hour long group reiki healing and pull a card afterward to support the collective healing. The card pulled along with the message will be shared via email with you afterward.

There’s no need to check in to a Zoom call or phone call — just simply be present. Some people choose to make it a sacred act where they know that 7:00 o’clock the energy begins to flow, so they journal, but it’s not necessary. You can easily be working your job at that time, or even tucking your kids into bed. The Reiki is still serving you.

As always, I’m here to support and facilitate you on your journey. I’d love for you to join me at one of my upcoming classes should you feel called. Of course, scheduling a Reiki balancing session or a Restorative Reiki Massage to include as part of your Relax & Renew Workout. I look forward to connecting and harmonizing with you!